ASE Certified


All of our mechanics are A-S-E Certified, meaning they have gone through the rigorous testing and certification provided by the independent, A-S-E non-profit organization. When you see the blue seal you know you are dealing with a knowledgeable mechanic.

AAA Approved Auto Repair


AAA is a membership club that provides members with emergency towing and repair services. We are not only certified through their network to tow your vehicle in the event of an accident or breakdown, we can also service it as well.

Towing and Recovery Professionals of Connecticut – TRPC


We are current members of the Towing and Recovery Professionals of Connecticut, a professional organization of towers raising the bar and the hook in our industry.

Connecticut Certified Emissions Testing and Repair Facility


Certified Emissions Repair Facilities (CERF) must employ a Certified Emissions Repair Technician, or CERT, who is a professional automotive technician who has successfully passed a State of Connecticut required training program, devoted specifically to the repair of emissions problems. Only repairs performed at a CERF/CERT are eligible to be applied towards a cost waiver.

All of our technicians are CERT certified and ready to test your vehicles emissions or make necessary repairs.