Connecticut Collision Repair & Body Work

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A collision doesn’t only change the appearance of your vehicle, it also can have an adverse effect on its over all performance. Surface sanding, metalworking, replacing parts, and painting, are just a few examples of what our I-CAR certified collision repair technicians can execute.

Our mission is to restore your vehicle back to its pre-accident appearance, including but not limited to Heavy Semi Trucks, Pickup Trucks, Cars, Heavy Equipment, Trailers and anything that needs service contact for estimate today.

Belltown Motors operates a heavy truck collision repair and paint shop. We provide body and paint repair for fleet accounts and local municipalities’ police, fire and ambulance departments in central Connecticut.

Belltown Motors operates a 24 hour emergency towing service that includes commercial, heavy equipment capability. We will pick up your truck and tow it back to our shop for service.

What We Do

Our specialties include:

  • Collision Repair and Refinishing
  • Remove and Replace Parts
  • Repairs to Steel, Aluminum and Fiberglass
  • For Heavy Trucks and Fleet Vehicles
  • Heavy Equipment Repair or Replacement
  • Complete Fleet Reconditioning Department
  • Decal Removal and Installation of New Graphics
  • Spray Booth and Painting prep
  • Frame Machine to straighten frame
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Paint Booth

Our collision repair specialties include:

  • Painting panel or entire truck, car, semi, box etc..
  • For Heavy Trucks and Fleet Vehicles
  • Paint Heavy Equipment
  • Spray Booth for heavy or small cars/trucks.
  • Sanding and Painting bumper, hood, panels etc..
  • Showroom finish from spray booths
paint booth
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Sanding Truck for Paint

Our repair experts work on:

  • Orbital sanding with multiple-grade sanding pads
  • Hand sandpaper in different grits from prep to finished
  • Heavy semi sanding for paint
  • Truck sanding for paint
  • Car sanding for paint
  • Equipment sanding for paint
  • anything you need sanding for paint
  • Showroom finish is all about prep.

Dent Repair

Our dent repair specialties include:

  • Fix car dent repair service
  • Fix truck dent repair service
  • Fix semi dent repair service
  • Remove and replace parts
  • Body filler for repairs
  • Spray Primer coat first
  • Spray Basecoat paint next
  • Spray Clearcoat last
  • Showroom finish from dent repair
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